Saturday, February 9, 2008

Lindsy Halleckson & Eric Inkala exhibit @ Barbette in February and March

Barbette and Placement Gallery present:
New works by Lindsy Halleckson & Eric Inkala
February & March 2008

Reception with the artists
Sunday, February 17th from 3 to 6 pm
Free and open to the public!
Join us for complimentary snacks and happy hour prices on beverages.

“When I’m thinking of artists works, these two artists always come to mind at the same time. Not only because of their bold use of color, but mainly because of how strong their work stands on it’s own. ” Yuri Arajs, curator for Placement Gallery.

Lindsy Halleckson and Eric Inkala have been painting and showing for years, both nationally and internationally. Their work resembles two different ways of expressions one’s desire for more information from the world. This can be seen in Lindy’s mutli layered fields of color, which seem to resemble one’s struggle to find balance. And Eric’s pieces go in a different direction. They never seem to end. They feel like a single moment that runs of the edge to infinity, leaving an endless story to unfold for the viewer.

From Lindsy Halleckson’s statement:
My current work is a body of paintings that are created with a slightly off-complimentary color
scheme. This series of paintings aims at depicting sound through color.

Barbette and Placement Gallery have come together to present a series of new exhibitions at Barbette every 2 months. Each exhibit will each have it’s own unique focus, featuring group shows or solo exhibits.

8-1am Sunday through Thursday
8-2am Friday and Saturday

Barbette, 1600 West Lake Street, Minneapolis

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