Sunday, June 1, 2008

Jonathan Hamilton is showing new work at Barbette in June

Placement Gallery and Barbette present:
New works from Jonathan Hamilton
June 2008

Reception with the artist:
Sunday, June, 15, 3-6pm
Free and open to the public

Placement Gallery and Barbette have come together to present a series of new exhibitions at Barbette every 2 months. This series of exhibits will each have it’s own unique focus, presented as group or solo exhibits. This will be the last exhibition Placement Gallery will be hosting at Barbette.

Jonathan Hamilton has this to say about his work:
Much of my art is about landscape. I tend to show the impression or feel of a landscape more than a snapshot of somewhere you may have been. The work for this show was made with oil paint, spray paint, different drawing mediums, and printmaking with some collage and other random techniques that struck me as I built up the many layers of each piece.
My work is more lyrical than descriptive. Starting with a word, poetic phrase, or line from a song, I respond visually and then keep riffing off each step as the layers build. Marks and images are made and obscured, and if its working, each decision leads to a honing of the final piece. Patterns of birds in flight against the sky, the snap of a chalk-line across tar paper, a horizon line separating the sky from the sea...these little elemental moments can be enough for roomfuls of paintings and sculpture for me.

8-1am Sunday through Thursday
8-2am Friday and Saturday

Barbette, 1600 West Lake Street, Minneapolis

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